Multifid - Hearing Protection & Communications
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The Research and Development, Design and Supply of high technology industrial and military electronic equipment. We specialize in electronic communication products.

Multifid Technology has the following areas of expertise:

  • Analogue, Radio Frequency (RF) hardware design

  • Wireless and Wired Systems

  • Static and Mobile Installations

  • Land, Sea and Air based Communication Systems

  • Radio, Network, Satellite and Telecommunications

  • Antenna products

  • Embedded Software for Industrial and Military design

    • Embedded C: Real-Time Mission-Critical Systems, Tiny Operating Systems, Sensor Electronics, Signal Processing, Industrial Controllers

    • Embedded Linux: Power PC and X86 Platforms Real-Time Communication Systems, Machine Vision Systems, Adhoc Radio Networking

    • VHDL: FPGA and ASIC designs

    • Web Based Databases: Central Databases linked to remote (wireless) communication systems

  • General

    • Schematic capture: Including digitisation of paper hard copy or pencil circuits

    • PCB layout: Fine-pitch chips, SMD, Multi-layer, RF and High Power

    • PCB Population: Medium quantity production runs

    • Final Assembly and Test: Medium quantity production runs

    • Ergonomic Enclosure Design: CAD/CAM designed for CNC Milling

    • System Qualification: Temperature, Humidity, Salt Fog, Bump, Vibration and EMC

    • Maintenance and Repair: Various Analogue and Digital Systems and Assemblies

    • Ruggedised Electronics Military & Industrial Grade Designs

    • Embedded Systems: DSP, Controllers, PICs

    • Software Development: RTOS, Embedded C, Visual Basic, C/C++, Assembler

    • Analogue Circuits : Protection circuits and signal conditioners

    • Digital Circuits: Discrete and Programmable Logic, CPLD, FPGAs

    • Cabled Data Transmission: xDSL, Fibre Optic, USB, Firewire, CAN Bus

    • RF Data Links: DECT, Bluetooth, Spread Spectrum, CDMA

    • Video Systems: Digital Video Processing, Distribution and Storage

    • OEM Module customisation: Single Board Computers, GPS with GSM/GPRS modem links

    • Protocol Converters: Physical, Data Link and Packet Conversion

    • Intelligent Test Jigs: Self-Calibrating, Processor Controlled, Data Logging

    • Environmental Status: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and Vibration Sensors

    • Electromagnetic Compliance: EMI Shielding and Filtering Designs

    • Asset Tracking: RF-ID Tags, Access Control, Data Logging, Bar Coding

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