Multifid - Hearing Protection & Communications
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About Multifid Technology Australia

SAAHPACS Pty Ltd Trading as: Multifid Technology Australia

Multifid Technology Australia’s mission is to provide high quality Hearing Protection & Communications Headsets in conjunction with Military Communication products.

We place an emphasis on research and development and product design through our team of highly specialized engineers.

SAAHPACS is recognised by the Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS)

The DEFENCE Recognised Supplier Scheme is an acknowledgement scheme offering support to Australian and New Zealand businesses which have, or have previously had, a satisfactory history of supply with the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO).

SAAHPACS has been recognised by the Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS). The DRSS is aimed at helping Australian defence suppliers export their products and services to foreign markets.

The Scheme allows Australian businesses, including SAAHPACS, to use this distinctive logo, identifying our business as approved suppliers to the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO).

The ADO is a very demanding customer that uses some of the most technologically advanced and high quality products and services currently available.

It is critical that the products and services supplied to the ADO are delivered on time, on budget and are fit for the purpose for which they are acquired. A company that is granted use of the DRSS logo has demonstrated that it is able to deliver products or services that meet the ADO’s stringent standards.

The DRSS logo is recognisably Australian and on promotional material, differentiates DRSS companies from their competitors. It should be noted that recognition under the scheme is evidence of the Australian government’s acknowledgement, not endorsement, of a company’s endeavours.

About SENS® technology

The SENS® technology was initially developed by WATRI (Western Australian Telecommunications Research Institute), a joint venture of the internationally respected Curtin University of Technology and the University of Western Australia.

Through extensive research and client trials, Engineers from both universities identified a gap in the global hearing protection market and has created the world’s first technology to enable clear, audible communication while retaining optimum hearing protection in high noise environments. No other product available on the market today allows clear and safe communication in varying types of noise above 85 dB(A).

The SENS® technology was developed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of industry, with Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) recognised globally as the leading occupational illness. In high noise workplaces and social settings, people who need to communicate have until now been forced to partially or fully remove hearing protection in order to hear speech. Studies by bodies including the World Health Organisation (WHO) have shown that removing hearing protection in environments above 85 dB(A) even momentarily can result in NIHL, a condition for which there is no cure.

The SENS® technology that is incorporated within these products, makes them the only products available on the global market today that are effective in providing communication enabled hearing protection for the three classes of occupational noise exposure: continuous noise (machinery running constantly); intermittent noise (passing vehicle, workshop); and impact noise (gun shot, explosion). The range of earmuffs and earplugs represent a paradigm shift in the way people communicate in high noise environments and a revolution in hearing loss prevention in industrial, military, commercial, hospitality, entertainment and domestic settings.

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