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Military applications and beyond

One product solution to all military environments, both training and operational.

The military be it Navy, Army or Air Force, exposes personnel to all three noise classes ranging from gunshot and explosions to machinery and heavy vehicle noise.

Multifid provides one product solution to all military environments being both training and operational. The Sensear hearing defence systems have the unique added benefits of enabling clear hands free communication via two-way radio, mobile phone and face to face communication in all high noise areas.

The Sensear SP1 hearing defence system would be a great addition to any Military organisations equipment inventory. When traditional military radio communications fail or are irrelevant, the 21st Century Soldier, Sailor or Airman may be required to use a mobile phone or two way radios to communicate in high noise training, or operational environments. This can be achieved using the Sensear SP1X, whilst having hands free. As a result, the individual is able to remain alert and ready to use his or her primary weapon should the need arise.

Soldiers, Sailors or Airmen can be exposed to both intermittent and constant loud noise on a daily basis which is generated from weapons, vehicles, power tools, jet engines and other machinery. The downside with noise exposure is that, once one’s hearing is lost, it is never going to come back. Prevention of injury is the primary objective of any organisational approach to OHS management, and noise induced hearing loss is very common among personnel who are exposed to high noise environments or noisy equipment on a regular basis.

When OHS incidents do occur in either an operational or training environment, there can be significant long-term personnel, operational, financial and reputation impacts which need to be managed. At any point in time, a significant number of defence personnel could be deemed unfit for employment as result of injuries occurring in both an operational or training environment. This ultimately impacts on organisational capability and compensation costs to Defence Forces and Governments world wide. The capability and financial impacts of occupational injuries and illness can be reduced through implementation of targeted response strategies, such as the introduction of new hearing defence technology like the Sensear hearing defence systems.

Such compensation claims will ultimately result in a loss of earnings, compensation payments, time and litigation cost’s for defence organisations who fail in providing the best possible hearing defence measures available for their personnel.

The Sensear SP1 device is the ideal device to protect your personnel as a part of your organisational OH&S management strategy, mainly those of your personnel that could be exposed to loud noise on a daily basis or when operating noisy vehicles or equipment. The SP1 also has a leather carry pouch and clip accessory that can be attached to the belt or webbing equipment, it has a lanyard attachment so the device can be worn around the neck, placed in the pocket, or tucked inside of clothing. The employment of Sensear technology will ensure that your organisation will lead the way with the introduction of new technology that would protect the health and well being of it’s personnel from now and in to the future.

Such an initiative could potentially save Defence Forces and Governments from lost productivity, medical and compensation costs that could otherwise be incurred should a soldier sailor or airman become hearing impaired due to noise exposure in an operational or training environment.

Building and Construction

A variety of noise hazards in the construction industry coupled with the constant need to communicate make Sensear’s earmuff and earplug range ideal for building and construction workers.

Industrial accidents and occupational noise induced hearing loss are major costs to global economies. Sensear’s affordable and effective product range revolutionises the way manufacturing workers communicate, raising safety and efficiency levels while significantly reducing the incidence of NIHL.

The Sensear range provides the mining industry with a single solution to noise risks ranging from explosions and heavy vehicles to drilling and processing equipment. Miners can now communicate effectively while wearing one type of hearing protection in all noise environments.

The effectiveness of Sensear technology above 85Db(A) is a major boost for the safety and communication needs of the aviation industry. Aviation security, maintenance and ground staff can now easily communicate and hear clear audible speech while wearing optimum hearing protection.

Hospitality & Security
The known risks of exposing staff to noise above 85 Db(A) make Hospitality and Security some of the most vulnerable global industries. Sensear’s discreet and hi-tech earplug range enables hospitality and security workers to enjoy clear communication and hearing protection in high noise environments such as bars, clubs, concerts and major events.

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